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The Gerudo Training Ground – Flaming Enemy Room New Dungeon Item: Small Key x1 Required Items: Megaton Hammer, Bow & Arrow Hint: Find a secret passage in this room! Since there is a hidden key in the Treasure Room itself on the way to the Ice Arrows, once you have six keys then you can head for the Treasure Room to get your reward and leave the dungeon. The one directly opposite the entrance leads to the Treasure Chamber, which should be your last destination.

low-angle and grayscale photography of buildings He’ll admit that he’d love to repair the Sword, but he can’t because the last eruption blinded him. Part X: The Claim Check Now that he can see again, the Biggoron will repair the sword. Play the Sun’s Song six times to force three days to pass, then show Biggoron your Claim Check. If you choose the Stalfos method, then watch out for the Iron Knuckle’s ability to attack multiple times in a row. This item is particularly useful for Young Link, as he must face both a Stalfos and an Iron Knuckle in the Spirit Temple’s West Wing. Part VIII: The Eyeball Frog Time Limit: 3:00 The Eyeball Frog must be delivered to the scientist in the Observatory at Lake Hylia in less then three minutes. Step inside and show the Scientist the Eyeball Frog, and after mistaking them for his dinner, he’ll make you the Eyedrops.

Make sure that it is daytime, then enter the building at the bottom of the stairs near the middle of town. Get off Epona and enter the Village, then go to Death Mountain Trail in the north of the Village. You can get the Link or Zelda look. Time Period: Young Link OR Adult Link Requires: Nothing; Hookshot Optional There are numerous methods you can choose to get up here.

Traditionally the rooms are completed clockwise from the entrance hall, and the order of the rooms in this guide reflects this. Run to the left to a small alcove behind the waterfall, where there are two more braziers. If you planted the Magic Bean at the valley behind the Carpenter’s Son, then use it to reach the bridge leading to Hyrule Field more quickly. The beam damage is nice, but it’s not game-changing, and other armor that boosts attack or offers utility in combat tend to be much more useful. Well, calling it the equivalent isn’t technically accurate, since it is much longer, harder, and the reward is actually “rewarding.” The trading sequence can be completed immediately after obtaining Epona, and since Epona can be obtained immediately after becoming Adult Link, it is strongly recommended that you waste no time in getting the Biggoron Sword.